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Organic Extra Virging Olive, Sesame Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil, White Wine Vinegar Refills

Start your zero-waste journey today

Come visit us - our lovely volunteers will be happy to help!

Why Zero Waste
We are a not-for-profit, locally-owned community shop in Maidenhead.
Our aim is to provide you with the most environmentally friendly, ethical, local, affordable, and waste-free products as possible, to inspire a sustainable lifestyle.
Filling Good Refill Jar
Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot

Why Zero Waste?

Waste is a global issue. But we can start to tackle it at a local level. The waste we generate in the Royal Borough is either recycled or burnt; so after we consume something and put it in the bin/recycling, our waste is still polluting the air and producing greenhouse gases.

Through a zero-waste lifestyle, individuals can take action to refuse the unnecessary, reduce consumption, and reuse what they already have. And then, if nothing else is possible, recycle or let rot what is left. 


We know it is not always easy to eat locally, source seasonal products, and reduce your plastic consumption. That's why we created Filling Good, to give you easy access to eco-friendly, local, and ethical everyday products.

How it works

1. Bring your own containers. 

2. Weigh them. 

3. Fill them. 

4. Pay.

It's really as simple as that.

Vegan sweets, chocolate, Meridian organic peanut butter, tea and coffee refills (decaf, Earl Grey, decaf, assam, mint, camomile, english breakfast tea)
Food refills (grains, cereal, rice, pasta, nuts, dried fruit, pulses, lentils)

We're much cheaper than you think! 

Our products are often cheaper than supermarket equivalents. Plus, our shop is carbon-negative, so shopping with us is totally sustainable in every way!

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Filling Good zero-waste, eco-friendly, plastic-free, not-for-profit, community shop

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