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No Harm

Encouraging a Zero Waste Way Of Living

We've also introduced two new services click'n'collect and drop'n'collect to make it even easier and safer for you to shop with us - click here for more info.

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Why Zero Waste?

Waste is a global issue. And also, a local one. England could fill its largest lake, the lake Windermere, in just 8 months. The waste we generate in the borough is either recycled or burnt, meaning that even after we consumed something and put it in the bin, our waste is still polluting the air and producing greenhouse gases, even in the case of recycling. Through a zero-waste lifestyle, individuals can take action to refuse the unnecessary, reduce their consumption, reuse what they already have. And then, if nothing else was possible, to recycle and rot what is left. It is a way to take action against pollution and climate change.


Trying to reduce your plastic consumption, trying to eat local and seasonal, while having a busy life can prove to be very complicated and time consuming, but more and more consumers are concerned about their impact on the environment.  At the heart of Filling Good is the wish to provide easy access to eco-friendly, local and ethical everyday products.


It Works

1. Bring your own containers. 

2. Weigh them. 

3. Fill them. 

4. Re-weigh them. 

5. Pay.

It's really as simple as that.

Easy Ways to

Minimize Your Waste

Check out our blog for tips on how to reduce your waste, and for information about why it's so important

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