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Carbon Contributions

Filling Good has compensated for an impressive 516T of CO2, making us the first carbon-negative shop in Maidenhead and far beyond! In fact, we've offset the equivalent of 115 years' worth of emissions, so we can continue to have a positive impact for many generations to come.

We're extremely proud not only to minimize and offset our own carbon contributions but to be able to donate a large proportion of our profits to organizations that are truly committed to creating a sustainable world.

In September 2023, we made donations to Tree Sisters and Gold Standard. We continued to donate to sustainable projects in 2023, giving both Tree Sisters and the 
Library of Things 15% of our profits.

You can find out more about the work these projects do below.


 A parrot living in an area protect by Tree Sisters a charity invested in working with local communities to conserve their local environment and wildlife, and protect them against deforestation.

Tree Sisters

Tree Sisters work in harmony with local communities and their environments to ensure long-term reforestation. Their projects have a holistic approach designed to support local communities and improve livelihoods, protect critically endangered species, and focus on gender parity and the participation of women. They provide the resources and experiences to enable communities to take collective action on behalf of the trees, to mitigate climate change. 

Gold Standard

We chose two of Gold Standard's projects to support, in order to maximize our contribution to the environment and local communities:

Terraclear Project, Laos - providing clean water for families, using a sustainable solution to produce emissions-free water for rural areas; thereby improving public health, supporting the household economy, and helping to conserve local forests. 

Biomass Power Project, India - to support the installation of a 20 MW biomass-based power project that generates electricity using rice husks. This project uses renewable fuel, to reduce local waste and emissions by replacing fossil fuel-intensive power generation. 

Tea Plantation using sustainable solutions for water, power generation and waste
Home Improvement

Library of Things

Maidenhead Eco Hub has launched a 'Library of Things' where people can borrow useful tools for household tasks, DIY projects, and adventures. You can loan tools and gadgets, from instruments to camping equipment and food processors. 
So you can borrow what you need rather than buy - it's cheap, convenient, and planet-conscious.

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