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Filling Good cleaning refills are now available at the Cookham Metre Market

Metre Market cookham

You can now refill our top selling eco cleaning products at the Meter Market in Cookham Dean, every Friday from 08:30 until 13:00.

The Metre Market hosts a range of local artisan and food producers. If you haven't been yet, we warmly recommend a visit! More info here.


Refilling is very easy, and probably cheaper than you think!

For example, Ecover washing up liquid costs between £4.06 and £5 per litre (depending on which bottle you buy). While our washing up liquid costs just £3 per litre… with the same cleaning efficiency and eco credentials!


The Metre Market provides a handy place to top up your cleaning refills. But if you wish to do a full shop and stock up on items, like rice, pasta, etc... then come along to our shop (at No.22 Maidenhead High Street). You can find out more about what we stock in the shop here.


Products that will be available to refill at the Metre Market are:

  • Washing up liquid (spiced ginger)

  • Biological laundry liquid (fragranced)

  • Non biological laundry liquid (fragranced)

  • Fabric conditioner (fresh cologne)

  • White vinegar for cleaning

  • Hand soap (fig)

  • All purpose surface cleaner

  • Miniml body wash / shower gel (grapefruit)

  • Empty 500ml plastic  bottle with pump

  • Ecoleaf dishwasher tablets (70 tabs)

  • Ecoliving wooden dish brush with handle

  • Wooden dish brush head replacement

  • Ecoliving rubber gloves 

  • Shampoo bars and men's all-in-one bar

  • Ecoliving natural bleach (percarbonate sodium 750g)

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