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"A special present" by Cath Knight

My friend is Martin Dorey. We sell Martin‘s books at Filling Good: ‘Kids Fight Plastic’, ‘Kids Fight

Climate Change’, ‘Kids Fight Extinction’ and ‘No. More. Plastic.’ I’m always really excited when customers buy a copy and I proudly tell them about my friend, who started the Two Minute Beach Clean organisation and has highlighted plastic pollution and environmental issues, in his books and publicly, as a great speaker and an ambassador.

In May, I will be going to Martin and Liz’s wedding and their honeymoon adventure will be a cycling and surfing trip, along the west coast of France, Spain and Portugal. They plan on visiting the places surfers have pilgrimaged and in many cases, where surfing adventures began. They will document their travels in a new book, ‘The Way of the Waves’. One of the themes will be how they travel and camp in an environmentally friendly way.

So I’ve been thinking about a wedding present for Martin and Liz. As I’m a regular volunteer at the shop, most of my presents are bought at Filling Good. So what to buy? There are many beautiful things, but I realised it was an opportunity to give them some practical things - a travel kit for their trip.

What do you put in a travel kit for several weeks?

Soap, shampoo and conditioner bars, from Bath Bubble and Beyond are essential and three tins to go with them.

plastic free Shampoo bars, conditioner bars and shower bar

A tin of Shade SPF 25 sunscreen, Aromatherapy oils to prevent bugs, the roller version of ‘Stop Bugging Me’ is perfect and has been proven successful on our own holidays.

essential oil and natural sunscreen plastic free

A tin of toothpaste tablets, containing one month’s supply.

toothpaste tablets plastic free

They will be camping so washing-up will be done, a washing-up bar and a loofah sponge, both lightweight and compact.

plastic free eco sponge scourer seep

Then there will be laundry, so the Simple Living Eco Laundry Sheets are perfect, they are lightweight and can easily be used for hand washing or in a machine.

All of this fitted in a small cardboard box (we have some in the shop ready for gift boxes, kindly donated by someone). To wrap the gifts, I put the box in a Recycled Sari Bag, beautifully coloured, which will fold back into its own pocket, ready to be taken on shopping trips.

Upcycled Sari Bag
Upcycled foldable Sari Bag

Importantly, everything was small and very lightweight.

Oh and because they’re cycling many miles, I added a bag of our Vegan Gummies. They will definitely need some of these delicious and fun energy boosters.

I wish Martin and Liz a fantastic wedding day and lots of fun, eco-adventures afterwards.

Filling Good has beautiful gift options but also practical presents for travelling, new homes, students and adventurers can all be found in the shop.

More about Martin Dorey:

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