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Proud to say we're Carbon Negative!

We believe it isn't enough to just 'offset' your carbon footprint, as the carbon you produce cannot simply be 'reversed' or 'removed'. So instead, we strive to reduce our impact before we start to make compensations for it! This means we need to know exactly how much carbon we consume...

How did we calculate our carbon consumption?

One of our volunteers, Dave Hampton (TheCarbonCoach), kindly helped us calculate it, using the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

This model categorizes greenhouse gas emissions into three key areas: 


Scope 1: direct emissions from owned or controlled sources.

Scope 2: indirect emissions from electricity, steam, heating, and cooling.

Scope 3: includes all other indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain.


Filling Good's carbon impact is outlined in the table to the right >>>

Carbon Impact Report 2022

Filling Good's total carbon impact per year is 4.5T of CO2, approximately a third of an average UK citizen

How we keep our carbon impact so low

All our electricity comes from a renewable energy provider, our volunteers are committed to the environment so the majority of our volunteers walk or cycle to the shop, and even the spills from the refills get swept up and fed to Sophie's chickens!

Lots of our materials and equipment are donated to the shop, like stationery, and the kettle & hoover.  We recycle all our flexible plastics at Sainsburys. And, even when we go to the loo, we only ever use sustainable loo roll made from bamboo! 

Free Range Chickens, which eat the food waste from Filling Good and lay free-range eggs.
Cycling is an environmentally friendly way to travel to the shop or work and reduce your carbon footprint.

How we offset our carbon contributions

As a not-for-profit, community-run initiative we decided to invest a large proportion of our profit in two charities, Tree Sisters UK and Gold Standard. This means in 2022 we have not only offset the small amount of carbon (4.5T CO2) generated by Filling Good, but compensated for a massive 516T of CO2, the equivalent amount of carbon produced by 41 UK citizens!!!

To find out more about our Carbon Conscious donations, just click here.

To take a deep dive into our carbon calculations simply download the full report >>>

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