Our Story

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Filling Good was founded early in 2019 by Nelly Semaille, previously a finance manager who moved to Maidenhead the same year with her family.

Filling Good started out as a pop-up store inside the Craft Coop at the Nicholson Shopping Centre.  Opening just two days a week with a limited range of products, it proved to be a good way of meeting hundreds of local people.  Nelly connected with several customers who were very keen on taking a more active role in the shop as it grew.

Market research in Maidenhead and other local towns, combined with customer feedback, showed that there was a market for a Zero Waste Shop.  It was clear that more and more customers wanted to switch all the products on their shopping lists to local, eco-friendly, and ethical items. The Zero Waste movement is taking off nationally and Filling Good has arrived in Maidenhead at just the right moment to help people reduce their waste and buy ethically.

The interest and enthusiasm shown by the customers and another community shop in Reading, The True Food Coop, triggered the idea of opening a co-operative in Maidenhead.  A group of local people came together with a common goal: to create a community zero waste shop in Maidenhead, to make it easy for people who wished to live an eco-friendlier life, and to bring the community together.

Their shared vision is to offer carefully curated products that are as eco-friendly, local, affordable, and as healthy as possible and also to provide a welcoming space for activities that raise awareness about climate change, environmental pollution, and sustainable lifestyle solutions.

The shop will be owned and run by the community, for the community as a society on cooperative principles.

The volunteer Directors of Filling Good are all passionate about creating a wonderful, welcoming space that does so much more than could be expected from a ‘simple shop’.

Tel: 123-456-7890