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Ethically sourced aromatherapy oils and beauty products


Faye and James Willmott, etablished Amour Natural in 2012, in Glastonbury. They make high quality, natural, ethically sourced oil and potions for aromatherapy and body care.

Soaps, bath bombs, candles and more, made of locally produced wax from Chiltern Bees.


John and his bees all live locally in and around the Hambleden Valley and the fruits of their labour are turned into honey and wax that is used to make handmade soaps, bath bombs, balms, candles & furniture polish. 

Dock and Bay sustainably made towels and hair wraps


Super trendy, quick drying towels, ponchos, and hair wraps made from 100% recycled materials and all their packaging is biodegradable too! Plus, 5% of their profits go to charity, so you can feel good every time you dry off!

Emba natural patina cookware made from 100% recycled materials.


Emba's story began in 1890 in a British foundry deep in the heart of The Black Country. The old cast iron skills have evolved to create natural, patina cookware made from 100% recycled material, offering you excellent quality cooking tools designed to last a lifetime.

Infinity Food - high quality, organic, fairtrade foods


Starting out as a small shop in 1971, Infinity Foods, is now a thriving supplier of an extensive range of high quality, organic, biodynamic, fairtrade, and natural products – from cupboard essentials to freshly baked bread and seasonal fruit & veg.

Liga is a Cornwall based sustainable homeware supplier for jugs, cups, placemats, tableware, eco-cloths and more


Originating in Cornwall, Liga, produces sustainable affordable homeware, from placemats and coasters, trays, trivets, tableware, kitchen textiles, and eco dishcloths through to botanical home fragrances.

Moneyrow coffee beans grown locally in Holyport


Vicky Weddell supplies our two delicious blends of refill coffee, grown just down the road in her garden shed, in Moneyrow Green, Holyport. Come and stock up on her Fresh Start & East End blends, to create a delicious cuppa!

Puremess supply skincare products made from 100% natural ingredients in sustainable packaging that can be recycled, reused or refilled.


Based in Guildford, Puremess produces artisan skincare products made from 100% natural ingredients, and in either biodegradable cardboard or aluminium which can be refilled, reused, or recycled to create sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Suma food and household products range is sustainable, organic and fairtrade.


Suma is a wholefood collective founded in 1977 by a liberal-minded group of people who believed there was a better way and actively set out to create it! They supply a broad range of sustainable, organic, and fair-trade household and food products.

 Fair-trade chocolate by Tony Chocolonely


Tony & team are on a mission to change the cocoa industry to 100% slave free. So, every time you take a bite of their divine tasting, fair-trade choc, you'll be making a difference to the farmers that make it.

Two farmers potatoes ready to be made into crisps in 100% compostable packaging.


Mark & Sean grow, harvest, store, cook, and pack their delicious crisps, in Herefordshire. They are committed to giving back to the environment, which is why their crisps come in 100% compostable packaging and use renewable energy, whenever possible.

Waltham Place biodynamic farm locally grown, fresh fruit and vegetables.


Waltham Place is a 220-acre biodynamic farm, which uses organic husbandry and holistic estate management. They combine forces with nature rather than fight it. In doing so, they've created an abundance of insect and animal life, fungi & flora.

Boody sustainable clothing and underwear made from bamboo


Boody uses bamboo to create soft, simple, and sustainable clothing basics. The bamboo is sustainably grown, then processed in an eco-friendly way, using no pesticides, or fertilizer, and the end product is delivered to you with zero waste. 

Cooper's locally-produced and prize winning honey


Producing prize-winning honey since 1982 from their hives in Maidenhead, Bray, and Paley Street. There are no additives or artificial flavors. So, whether you like it on toast or in a cake, runny or set, in jars or honeycomb, there's something for everyone.

 Daisy & Dom ethically sourced, fairtrade sweets


Chocolate ethically sourced, from fairtrade farmers and made from naturally grown ingredients, these treats are truly delicious and perfect for refilling your sweetie jar.

 Earth Conscious natural, plastic free deodorant


Located on the Isle of Wight, their range of deodorants are made from high quality, natural ingredients. Plus, come in handy recyclable tins or plastic-free cardboard tubes. And, 10p from every purchase goes to The Marine Conservation Society.

Lamazuna beauty products are sustainable, vegan, eco-friendly and handmade.


Lamazuna helps to reduce waste through eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable, handmade products, enriched with essential oils. Their range consists of easy to use, solid beauty products; such as shampoos, toothpaste, shaving bars, etc.

Miniml supply refillable, eco-cleaning, laundry, & personal care products, which are zero waste, biodegradable, vegan & cruelty-free.


The Minimalist Team live in the Yorkshire Dales and use only water supplied by the Yorkshire Moors to produce their refillable, eco-cleaning, laundry, & personal care products, which are zero waste, biodegradable, vegan & cruelty-free. Get the cleaning done & smell divine too!

Nearys eco-friendly, vegan sweets


An eco-friendly vegan sweet producer, not only selling a range of tasty treats but also cutting out plastic by supplying all their sweets in NatureFlex packaging made from renewable wood pulp.

 Sesi a circular, zero-waste operation supplying household cleaning products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and biodegradable.


A range of sustainable detergents that are low impact on Earth and don’t cost people’s pockets. Not only are Sesi a circular, zero-waste operation but all their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and biodegradable, created using balanced and holistic ingredients.

Locally produced Three Bees Bakery granola


Our organic granola is made in Maidenhead by the lovely Caroline. made with the perfect blend of apple, cranberries, cinnamon, and spices, plus produced in small batches to keep it fresh and crispy. This recipe is low sugar, vegan, and exclusively made for Filling Good.

Turtle Doves are a British based company making gloves, scarves and neck warmers from recycled cashmere


British based Turtle Doves make accessories like fingerless gloves, scarves neck warmers in a bright array of colours and keep you super snuggly as they are made from recycled cashmere.  The perfect eco friendly gift or treat!

Ucon Acrobatics bags - stylish, vegan and planet friendly.


Beautifully designed, timeless, durable bags that are planet friendly, vegan, and socially conscious, from their design right through to the customer's hands. 

 Weaver Green strong, sustainable bags made from recycled plastic bottles.


These handwoven bags are each made from approx 150 recycled plastic bottles. Perfect for everyday use; eco-friendly, strong, stain-resistant, and fully washable, making them every bit as practical as they are stylish. 

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