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How It Works

Bring your own containers, weigh and label your goods

and buy only what you need.

- Reusable bottles and jars available for purchase.
- Pre-loved jars are available for free.

- We also provide paper bags (5p/bag).


Choose Container or BYO


Weigh and Label




Pay & Enjoy

Paper bags vs. plastic bags - which is best?

"Life Cycle Assessments proved that making paper bags deliver a high impact on the environment as compared to plastic bags. According to the report of the Scottish Government, which was released in the year 2005, paper bags utilize four times more water and also invent three times extra greenhouse gases as compared to plastic bags. Both of these studies prove that plastic doesn’t decompose quickly, but it delivers less impact on the overall climate. On the other hand, paper bags decompose easily without harming the environment." 


So replacing plastic with paper isn't the solution! It is just removing pollution to add to the climate change issue... That's why at Filling Good, we believe that it's best to reuse your bags and container over and over again to minimize your impact.

For your own safety, please note:
We cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment in a packaging-free shop.
We also don't recommend that you use drink bottles to refill your cleaning products as they are easy to mix up, especially if you have young children.

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