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Join our sessions on sustainability hosted by our amazing stakeholders.
Learn about the challenges that the planet is facing, and what we can all do to protect it.

Nicola Davidson - make it green and clean

 Nicola Davidson

Energy: local ways to make it green and clean!

When: Thu 15th of July @ 12:00-13:00

Discover how a local cooperative, funded by local people, can make a huge difference to the planet, making each stakeholder benefit from clean energy and how you can get involved! Nicola is going to present the amazing work of MaidEnergy!

Gemma Cockrell - find out about natural cosmetics

Gemma Cockrell

All you ever wanted to know about natural cosmetics

When: Mon 21st of July @ 12:00-13:00

The skin is your biggest organ, so it deserves to be treated well! But some nasty chemicals can be hidden in your everyday skincare and can be fairly damaging to your health… Gemma is going to uncover all these things with you, help you read labels, and talk about the benefits of different natural ingredients.

Saradzai Chibanda - soap makingpng

Saradzai Chibanda

The fascinating process of soap making

When:  Thu 29th of July @ 12:00-13:00

When you go zero waste, soap is often a common switch: solid, efficient, natural, what’s not to like?
In this session, Sarudzai is going to talk about the history of soap, the different types, which ingredients are used, and how the soap is actually made. Sarudzai is going to discuss how she sources ethical and eco-friendly ingredients, from the oils to the botanical components she uses. She is even going to make and cut a bar of soap in front of you! 

Martha Cross - sustainable shopping habits

Martha Cross
Environmental Practitioner

Sustainable shopping habits – a reflection on our personal food cart and the cost for the earth

When: Thu 5th of Aug @ 12:00-13:00

We all want to do the ‘right thing’ when we decide what to buy, cook and eat – whether that’s for our health, our family, the planet, or animal welfare.
But there are barriers - these might include cost, convenience, time, access, and logistics. It can also be confusing! So what can we do?

This is an interactive session to reflect on our shopping habits, with a focus on food. We will explore the true cost of food and whether it’s consistent with expectations. We’ll think about what stops us from making better choices and talk about what practical changes we can make without costing the earth!

Andre Tranquilini Biodynamic Farmer talks about global agriculture challenges to daily diet choices.

Andre Tranquilini
Biodynamic Farmer

From global agriculture challenges to daily diet  choices: conscious choices for a sustainable future

When: Tue 10th of August @ 12:00-13:00

The wildlife deserts and depletion of natural resources, created by intensive farming, can no longer be ignored. As custodians of this earth, we need to find solutions, that feed our environment as well as ourselves.  

Current practices show that the way we farm and relate to food, is affecting the health of the planet, as well as ourselves. With this knowledge, we need to actively engage with solutions that can change the path that we are on. 

This presentation will explore current world agriculture practices and look at how we can develop a more sustainable future for all. 

Martin Woolner from Wild Maidenhead talks about biodiversity in the borough

Martin Woolner
Wild Maidenhead

The challenge of the biodiversity in the borough… and what you can do about it

When: Thu 12th of August @ 12:15-13:15

If David Attenborough was to make a program on the biodiversity of the royal borough, what would he say? Martin, a prominent member of Wild Maidenhead, will share with us his answers and is going to speak about the challenges that the local habitat face, and how everyone can help biodiversity to thrive.

Nelly Semaille - Founder of Filling Good - a workshop on zero-waste

Nelly Semaille
Founder Filling Good

Zero-waste workshop: a practical introduction

When: Wed 18th of August @ 12:00-13:00

Why reduce your waste, and how? Why it matters? What are the facts and the theory behind it?

Come for an interactive session and get some practical tips to start your Zero Waste journey! From Filling Good to the Maidenhead Repair Café, there is plenty of local support to help you!

Eric Brutnall, teacher and children's author tells a story to show the need to stop plastic and waste going to our oceans.

Eric Brutnall
Teacher & Author

For the younger ones: a story to show the need to stop plastic and waste going to our oceans

When: Fri 20th of August @ 12:00-13:00

The ongoing and desperate need to help protect and sustain the delicate balance of our world is a message that surrounds us everywhere, every day. I teach children about the importance of looking after the environment and how it is down to every single one of us to do our part. I was talking to my class about ocean pollution and we were trying to get past the attitude that it is “someone else’s fault; someone else’s problem”. This got me thinking about a new story - one that could help to support and emphasize the need to help the earth. The Monster in the Waves was born!

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