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Tis the season to be sustainable

Here's our guide on how to have a

sustainable Christmas, that does not cost the earth! There are plenty of ways to show your loved ones, and the planet, a little eco-friendly love.

so. we thought we'd share with you a small selection of products we think might work for your Xmas…

Xmas Gift ideas
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So, here's our sustainable gift guide

full of festive tips and ideas >>>

There are plenty of other ways to have an eco-friendly festive break.

Switch to vegetarian or vegan recipes

Why not try cutting down on meat this Christmas. Here are a few tips on how to have an earth-friendly feast. Even if it is only for a few days, reducing your meat consumption will have a more positive impact on the planet. Try to eat organic, seasonal, and shop locally to help support small-scale farming.

Cut down on waste

Try to refill or buy loose food items to reduce plastic packaging. Use a meal planner, explore recipes for leftovers or freeze what you don't eat. We have loads of meat-free, frozen festive food alternatives in-store.

Gift wrap wisely

In the UK alone we use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each Christmas and send a billion Christmas cards (33 million trees), there is a clear environmental cost to gift-giving. Every kilogram of paper generates 3.5kg of carbon dioxide. Despite 79% of paper and cardboard in the UK is recycled, there needs to be more eco-friendly alternatives.

Why not try some reusable fabric gift wraps or the art of Japanese Furoshiki? Filling Good is stocking a great range of upcycled and fairtrade sari gift wraps. Check out this tutorial: How To | Furoshiki - Japanese Gift Wrapping

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From everyone at Filling Good

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