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Red, White, Orange and Rosé: We now stock organic vegan wine!

Updated: 3 days ago

Bring out the cheese board and glasses at the ready, Filling Good now stocks a fantastic range of organic vegan wines.

We worked with our supplier, Vintage Roots, to carefully choose a range of delicious, unique and (most importantly) organic vegan wines we knew you’d love. 

At Filling Good, we believe in the collective power of individual acts. Every sustainable action (no matter how small) can positively impact the planet. 

Our customers are already refill champions, so we thought you deserved something delicious to toast your zero-waste successes! Our new range of organic vegan wines means you can make opening a bottle a part of your climate-positive action, too. 

Why vegan wine?


Surely all wine is vegan, it’s just made from grapes, right? 

While the main component for wine is indeed grapes (which are definitely vegan), some wines use egg whites, gelatin or a protein called casein (derived from fish bladders) in the fining process.  

The fining process is an important step in winemaking. It removes particulates from the wine before it’s bottled. Vegan winemakers do this process without animal products and instead use bentonite clay or activated charcoal to cleanse the wine. 

You’re left with crystal-clear wine and a clear conscience, knowing your evening glass of vino is animal cruelty-free.

Why organic wine? 

We talk a lot about the benefits of going organic. Not only for the planet but also for your health.

Organic wine is produced without any toxic chemicals, full stop. That means no herbicides, no pesticides, no artificial flavourings and no synthetic chemicals. Instead, organic vineyards are a biodiverse haven teeming with life that provides a natural and effective defence against vine pests. 

Rumour has it that hangovers aren’t so bad after drinking organic wine. Something to do with being produced without pesticides and avoiding additives like sulphur dioxide, preservatives, dyes and sugar. But don’t quote us on this - and always drink responsibly!

Whether you want to treat yourself to an evening tipple, host a dinner party or enjoy a chilled glass on a summer evening - we’ve got a wine to suit you. 


So, what organic vegan wines do we have in stock?

Rosé wines 

Adobe Rosé Rapel Valley: A dry rosé with plenty of character. Big, bold strawberry and plum fruit flavours are generous and forward, making this a deliciously appealing drinking experience! 

Domaine de Rousset Rosé Fruité Les Coquelicots IGP: A gentle, elegant wine with a soft, smooth mouthfeel and delicate salmon pink colour. Fresh, crisp acidity balances red-berried flavours, making this wine a natural crowd-pleaser. 

Orange wines 

El Troyano Orange Wine Verdejo Orange: This biodynamic and low sulphur wine is a great introduction to ‘orange wine’ - a white wine that’s been in contact with or fermented with grape skins. The result is an intriguing and refreshing wine with aromas of peach and orange. 

Paul Mas Rosorange Domaine: A subtle blend of rosé and orange wine! The nose is elegant with notes of candied citrus, orange peel and quince, followed by an appealing creamy textured palate, which is both light and satisfying too.

White wines 

Adobe Sauvignon Blanc Casablanca Valley: Who would have believed it was possible to have Chilean organic Sauvignon Blanc for such a price?! Made by world-leading organic winemaker, Emiliana, it’s a crisp classic with plenty of gooseberry and lemon flavours on the palate. Serve nicely chilled.

Giol Pinot Grigio: An award-winning fresh, uplifting and generously-flavoured wine with peachy aromas followed by big flavours of apricot and a more creamy peach on the palate. Excellent with vegetable dishes and salads! 

Pazo de Mirasoles Albariño: A biodynamic wine made from grapes grown at altitude to maintain the freshness of the peach and apricot aromatics. With pleasant minerality and good acidity, this bottle is value for money. 

Petit Roubié Picpoul de Pinet: A bright yet pale golden-coloured Picpoul with delightful citrus, appleskin and herbs notes. It starts with a gentle texture on the palate but finishes with a vibrant acidity, making this a wonderful seafood pairing. 

VdP Cote de Gasgogne Domaine de Pajot: A blend of four classic wine grapes, this refreshing, dry white wine boasts a below-average ABV. Competitively priced, it’s a wine rack essential for sharing with friends, taking to dinner parties or enjoying leisurely.

Wild Thing Sauvignon Blanc: A fresh, lively and uplifting dry wine from the arid La Mancha region. It’s rich fruit flavours and balanced acidity makes this a delicious and versatile drinking experience. 

Zibibbo Luna Gaia IGP Terre Siciliane: This certified biodynamic Sicilian wine is off-dry, rounded and elegant. Its enticing mango, peach and nectarine flavours are beautifully balanced by a salty crisp acidity. 

Red wines 

Adobe Emiliana Merlot Reserva: Using 100% Merlot grapes from the Rapel Valley, with 20% aged in French oak for 6 months, gives this red a supple and soft flavour with punchy berried fruit and black pepper notes! 

Adobe Colchagua Valley Carmenere: Chile’s USP has become Carménère, and this is your chance to try it in its pure, unadulterated state. Sweet, ripe, lightly peppery cherry flavours abound in this medium-bodied wine.

Adobe Rapel Valley Cabernet Sauvignon: This red is deep in colour, with blackcurrant-dominated aromas and a touch of chocolate on the finish. Good structure and sweet tannins lead to a smooth, persistent finish.

Bohem No Added Sulphur Tempranillo: No-added sulphur wines are certainly in vogue, and this Rioja grape excels in the hot, arid central plains of La Mancha. It is ripe, black fruit forward and juicy with soft tannins and a fine clean finish.

Domaine Bousquet Tupungato Malbec: Aged for four months in the bottle, this red is packed with effusive notes of blackberry, damson and cassis overlaid with a subtle hint of spice. An aromatic note of floral violet adds to its heady charm. 

Maturana Tinta Vina Ijalba DOC Rioja: Made from a rare and ancient variety, not grown anywhere else in the world, this wine has an intense colour with aromas of black fruit, blackcurrant, black pepper and chocolate. 

Nerello Mascalese Luna Gaia IGP: Nerello Mascalese is Sicily’s star variety, typically grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soils at the foot of Mount Etna. This exciting red has smoky minerality, rich red cherry fruit and a nimble body that dances along the palate.


Need more advice? Pop in-store to chat with our friendly team of volunteers and find the perfect tipple for you. While you're there, don’t forget to check out our deli section at the back of the shop for some delicious cheeses to pair with your wine - vegan and non-vegan options are available!

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