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Top 8 reusable items to kick start your plastic-free journey

We all know how important it is to protect our planet from plastic but getting started on this journey can be daunting. So, we’ve pulled together a list of simple switches that you can make to the everyday items you use, to help live a more earth-friendly life. It's all about reducing, reusing, and recycling! By swapping out single-use plastics for reusable ones you can significantly reduce the amount you throw away. Plus, most reusable items are designed to last so they are generally more stylish, better designed for the job, and most importantly will save you wasting money on repeat purchases.

So, here’s how to take your first steps to help protect the planet:

1) Coffee cup – not only will you reduce the number of paper cups needing to be produced and recycled, but reusable coffee cups make it easier to drink your coffee on the go and keep it hotter for longer – it’s a win, win! Filling Good chose to stock the Ohelo tumblers, for many good reasons:

2) Water bottle – why pay for water when you can refill your bottle for free straight out the tap? It’s best to use a stainless-steel bottle as it will be BPA free and easier to keep clean.

3) Wipes – whether you use them to clean up spills in the kitchen, take off your makeup or clean your toddler’s face ditch the disposable type and buy fabric wipes instead. There are loads of options available in lots of funky designs, and when they are dirty just chuck them in the laundry basket.

We have a lovely selection of wipes made locally in Maidenhead by Suzanne!

4) Razors – these not only look stylish, but they give you a much better shave, plus the blades are usually recyclable too.

5) Cotton buds/swabs – Every day 1.5 billion single-use cotton swabs are produced and thrown in the bin. But a reusable bud can last you a lifetime, the rubber tips are far superior in cleaning ears and blending makeup, plus they are easy to clean and take on your travels.

6) Food wraps – no more plastic food bags or battling with cling film, now you can better pack, preserve & protect your food with beeswax wraps. Beeswax has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties like honey, which makes it ideal for use with food. Plus, they can last up to a year, then they can be put in the compost rather than binned. Ours are hand-made in Scotland with Scottish beeswax you can even buy a refresher kit when they get a bit tired to make them last longer!

7) Menstrual cups – these are usually latex-free, hypoallergenic, and contain no dyes, perfumes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches, or toxins – so they won’t dry you out or affect your body’s natural pH levels. Plus, they are super convenient. Not only do they hold three times more liquid than regular towels/tampons, so there is no need to stock up or carry around spares, but one cup will see you through every cycle, at zero cost to the planet. We chose to stock the Hey Girls ones, for their affordable prices and their ethics: for every menstrual product you buy, they gift one to someone in need in the UK. 8) Napkins – cloth napkins not only add a bit of class and style to your dinner table, but they’ll also pay back in no time at all. So, now you can impress your guests with your table setting and your sustainable lifestyle. You can find all these items and much more in our store, so pop in and kick start your sustainable lifestyle 🌎


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