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My Favourite Vegan Supermarket Foods

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Supermarkets now have a great range of quick, vegan foods and here are some of my favourites. They are all plastic free (except for the glue in some) and any palm oil used is sustainable.

These sausages go well with roasted potatoes and vegetables but also are tasty in a sausage sandwich!


I love these sausage rolls especially now as I cannot get my Gregg's vegan sausage rolls.


These are great with roasted potatoes and boiled vegetables. They are incredibly tasty and have a lovely gravy.


This pie is good when you are looking for a healthy dinner and the window on the box is compostable too.


This pie is great especially if you can't be bothered to make your own and the tray, which would normally be plastic, is compostable.


I love these fillets as they allow me to continue to eat 'fish' and chips.


This sauce is brilliant as it allows me to still enjoy my favourite childhood dish - the vegan way.


These are a great lunch time snack if you are a little peckish and they are very quick to cook.


These cheesecakes are tasty as they are so gooey and yummy.


I love eating this pie and it is a great pudding for after dinner.


I only found out that this existed a couple of days ago, but it has already filled an ice cream shaped hole in my life!

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